Neo4j Errors

class py2neo.Neo4jError(message, code)[source]

Base exception class for modelling error status codes returned by Neo4j.

For details of the status codes available, visit:

classmethod split_code(code)[source]

Splits a status code, returning a 3-tuple of classification, category and title.

class py2neo.ClientError(message, code)[source]
class py2neo.DatabaseError(message, code)[source]
class py2neo.TransientError(message, code)[source]

Connectivity Errors

class py2neo.ConnectionUnavailable[source]

Raised when a connection cannot be acquired.

class py2neo.ConnectionBroken[source]

Raised when a connection breaks during use.

class py2neo.ConnectionLimit[source]

Raised when no further connections are available due to a configured resource limit.

class py2neo.ServiceUnavailable(*args)[source]

Raised when no read or write service is available from a Neo4j installation.

class py2neo.WriteServiceUnavailable(*args)[source]

Raised when no write service is available from a Neo4j installation, but a read service may still be available.

class py2neo.ProtocolError[source]

Raised when a protocol violation or other unrecoverable protocol error occurs. These errors cannot be remedied automatically, and may result from a bug in the driver or server software.